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We are the UK leaders in mobile phone pricing and proposition market data, used in digital marketing and advertising, and for market insight purposes. A unique telecoms-specific technology stack, combined with our decades-long telecoms industry experience allows us to produce accurate, rich and fully comparable market data for the mobile phone and associated industries.

Bigupdata brings telecoms products to life, taking care of product integration, optimisation and distribution across all your digital channels.


Our managed services combine detailed telecoms product, digital marketing and advertising platform experience to facilitate the launch and BAU maintenance of high-performing brand-friendly advertising campaigns across Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and any number of Display / Retargeting platforms.


Mobile Phone Advertisers


Whether you're trying to make Facebook DPA work for you, dipping your toes into Snapchat, integrating a complex Display retargeting campaign or wanting to boost your Shopping visibility and click-through, we're here to help...